Light it Up

22 01 2010

World is a dark cesspool

Here prisoners stay

Vanity chasing fools

Illusion blinded mules

Stumbling in the dark

Living like slaves do

Let the free

Light it up, shine bright

Live and proclaim

The way out of this pit

So all may see plain

Without purpose, life is in vain

Only what is done for His fame

Will remain

For him tormented by fear

There is peace in his name

For her crimson with sin

There’s bleach for the stains

Bring life in the desert

…healing to the maimed


Thank you

22 01 2010

I was gonna die today

No signs in the sky

I just happened to pick this day

Cos this dark cloak soaked

Smothers my flame

The world’s chill bites into my frame

There have been better days

But this morning…they were so far away

You reminded me of those times

And a ray burst through my storm clouds

…your smile

A breath of fresh air…your care

ignites flickering hope

I think I will live today

Broken halo, Clipped wings

22 01 2010

Broken halo, Clipped wings

Shattered pieces and soiled robes

Spilled water and parched souls

Bloody elixir and smashed thrones

Splintered sceptre and false gold

Rickety bridges and hearts sold

Pitchers of poison and deformed moulds

Spoiled paintings and painful groans

Cold fires and dry wells

Desert fields and treasure less mines

Dead embers, fallen warrior

Falling leaves, dead king

A thousand voices scream in silence

Spilt lip, pool of blood

Empty eyes and grey skies

Sulphur, brimstone and hail

Tattered bridal dress she trails…

Ruined makeup, sullied beauty

Dead roses, horned foes

Broken halo, clipped wings

Hello world!

21 01 2010

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